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About Us

Idaho Elite Football is a year round youth athletics and academic academy that provides our athletes unique opportunities both on and off the field. Most of our events are held in the early spring, summer and late fall. Our athletes have a flexible schedule, and we encourage them to stay involved in their spring, summer and fall school sports or programs. 

We do not interfere with fall school or club football and we support the fall football leagues and schools that our athletes belong to. 

Note: We do not tackle in practice or play in seasonal tackle football games.

Idaho Elite Football consist of three different programs.

1) Skill Development and Travel 

In the spring we begin working on offseason training with 2-3 practices a week which will focus heavily on skills and conditioning. The Travel Team practices with all of our athletes, but they also will compete in 2 spring scrimmages and train with kids from in and out of the state. Every scrimmage we play will benefit a specific cause. In the late fall and early December the teams come back together to participate in tournaments.  Our travel team athletes are encouraged to attend our Idaho Elite Summer Camps and have the opportunity to be invited to our Elite Camp outside of Idaho.

2) Mentorship Program -  Being a good student and citizen is extremely important to our academy so we provide our athletes with tutors to help them in school as well as having a mentor. Most of  our Athletes will work with a mentor who are former and/or current NFL and College coaches and/or players. They will help guide them through the process if they have a desire to play college football. They also are there as a role model for the athlete and someone that they can trust and . Our tutors and mentors also work with the parents to educate them on what is required for their child to play football in college.

3) All Kids a Chance - We believe that all kids should be able to play organized team sports. All Kids a Chance was founded for this purpose. All Kids a Chance raises money through donations and sponsors. The money raised provides scholarships  for kids who would not otherwise be able to participate in organized team sports. All Kids a Chance also funds the Idaho Elite Football Academy skills clinics in the summer so that they are free for the kids in the community to attend.