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Sports for all youth

There are so many positive benefits to participating in team sports, that it is heart breaking when a child who desperately wants to play sports is unable to for financial reasons. Every child should have the opportunity to participate in team-organized sports. There are too many children who are unable to play just because of the costs associated with playing. For this reason, All Kids A Chance along with Idaho Elite Football was founded to provide scholarships to young athletes.

“The evidence supporting sports participation for young people is overwhelming…it has the power to combat everything from racism to low self-image, to the high-school drop-out rate.”

(Sue Castle, Executive Producer of PBS Sports: Get in the Game)

Benefits of participating in youth sports:

Builds self-esteem, self-respect and dignity

Provides social interaction with peers and adults

Helps develop talents

Teaches sportsmanship and how to control emotions

Teaches teamwork

Shows kids how to play within the rules

Teaches kids how to deal with adversity by showing them it is all right to make a mistake

Instills self-discipline and an awareness of the value of preparation

Teaches kids how to deal with criticism

Provides leadership opportunities

Fosters a sense of community by providing a sense of belonging or to be part of a group

Teaches time management and the value of planning ahead

Develops skills for handling success and failure

Provides a stress relief from academic and social pressures

All Kids a Chance and Idaho Elite Football are working to make it possible for all kids to play competitive youth sports by helping them financially and providing opportunities not only locally but around the country, for them to grow and become better athletes and citizens.

If you are interested in helping sponsor a child athlete, or making a donation please e-mail Tifani Scheffler [email protected]

Thank you so much for your interest!