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The Idaho Elite Football Academy is a non-profit year round youth athletic and academic development program dedicated to helping the kids in our community in not only becoming better athletes to play at the next level, but also teaching them the value of being a good student and citizen first. 


“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” 

– John Wooden

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Our mission

It is the mission of the Idaho Elite Football Academy to offer quality experiences, which will enable all student-athletes to maximize their growth and ability, resulting in a successful individual and team endeavors. It is our goal to provide youth athletes with everything they need on and off the field to succeed at the next level and in life.

Core Values

- To demonstrate good sportsmanship and integrity at all times

- To offer opportunities for all student-athletes in the football program to become:   

* A better person
 * A better student 
*A better football player

- To provide support for specific goals 

- To raise funds to be utilized in supporting all kids wanting to play organized team sports.